Artist Residencies & Rustic Accommodations

Artist Residencies


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Rockland Woods


Aug 1-22, 2020 Artist Residency: Call to Artists
12 Artists Accepted (4 spots minimum reserved for POC)

Rockland Urban


Big News! Urban is closing. Winter Residency will take place at Rockland Woods for Regional Applicants (WA & OR)

January 5-19, 2020


Meet the Artists

Summer 2019 Rockland Woods: Artists with Children


Amy Parker

Parker is a fiction writer working on a debut novel that explores the lives of expatriate adolescents living in Turkey during the first Gulf War, employing alternative narrative forms inspired by the Thousand and One Nights.

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Debbie Reichard

Reichard is an artist who works with clay and a variety of materials.

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Jason Rondinelli

Rondinelli is a sculptor who utilizes organic materials to construct biographical biomes about identity and personal experience.


Jodi Rockwell

Rockwell is a ceramic artist who uses the wheel to create site-specific bodily forms that could be found in nature, yet clearly foreign to their environment.

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Gavin Thomas

Thomas is a musician and screenwriter working on the feature film "Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres."


Jesse Ericka Epstein

Epstein is a documentary filmmaker and youth media educator - who aims to use humor as a way into often serious conversations.

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Melinda Hurst Frye

Hurst Frye is a photographic artist who illustrates the ecosystems and ecology of the Pacific Northwest, both above and below ground.


Shawn Patrick Landis

Landis is an artist of multiple genres who disrupts the status quo using performance, social practice, site specific installation and sculpture.


Our Mission

Rockland was founded in 2015 by the unmarried husband and wife team of Jodi Rockwell and Shawn Landis. Rockland supports artists by providing free accommodations and studio space during their residency.  Artistic connections can be made, whether working solo at Rockland Urban or within the residency community at Rockland Woods.  To make this a sustainable project, Rockland’s hybrid business model of short-term rental supports our residencies to remain free to artists.  We are committed to offering opportunity to dedicated artists with competitive work samples from traditionally marginalized groups.


“Residencies are all about providing time and space.  All of them can claim that and all artists need that, so it is a given and by design that they exist. What I hear is the way Shawn and I work as a team and both care about connecting with people, that we are providing something genuine about humanity that our modern tech world lacks. We bring together an art community with individuals who may be experiencing isolation, distraction, and desensitization or over-stimulation in their daily lives. The artists we invite are able to experience inspiration from each other's stories, being present and deeper thinking. Daily life can keep us from ourselves. At Rockland, artists can rediscover or reinvent themselves. Providing this necessary environment is a way of sustaining the arts and even more importantly, artists themselves.”

Co-founder, Jodi Rockwell

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“As an artist mom, Rockland Residency was a delicious time to take huge bites out of an upcoming exhibition, see my son experiment and succeed in ceramics, eat extraordinary food, and make friendships with smarty-pants artists from all over the globe. Thank you for this gift and 100% charge.”

Artist, Kristen Ramirez



Rockland Woods can support artists in disciplines of music, writing, ceramics, wood, fiber, digital arts, social practice and more.  The Barn Studios facility contains a ceramic studio (open Summer 2019) and woodshop on the ground floor.  The second floor houses a clean studio space for media such as fiber, drawing, photography and digital work.  Private studio spaces are available in three canvas tent live/work options and two exposed carports (12’x18’ each).  Residents have also set up tents in the woods to compose, write, and sketch on a smaller scale.


  • 1 Skutt 28 x 28” Electric Kiln

  • 1 15 x 20” Electric Kiln

  • 2 Potter’s Wheels

  • 3 canvas covered work tables (3x6’)


Top of the line equipment for furniture making

  • Table saw

  • Chop saw

  • Jigsaw

  • Planer

  • Hand tools

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The Treehouse Project

Rockland envisions an esteemed collection of treehouses designed by promising architects early in their careers.  The 15-acre property at Rockland Woods will become a destination for its 10-15 inspiring treehouses used by residents as studios and rented by adventurous non-residents for an overnight in the forest.

Our first treehouse will begin after fundraising efforts in Summer 2020, designed by Rockland Co-founder Shawn Landis.  It will be wheelchair accessible! Beyond this initial treehouse, a competitive application process for architects and artists will be launched.
Phase 1: Concept Selection (Top 5 designs will be granted $500 to complete architectural plans to build their concept). Phase 2: From the top 5 designs, one will be chosen to receive free labor and budget for materials to realize their design.

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