“As an artist mom, Rockland Residency was a delicious time to take a huge bites out of an upcoming exhibition, see my son experiment and succeed in ceramics, eat extraordinary food, and make friendships with smarty-pants artists from all over the globe. Thank you for this gift and 100% charge.”

- Artist, Kristen Ramirez

“Residencies are all about providing time and space.  All of them can claim that and all artists need that, so it is a given and by design that they exist. What I hear is the way Shawn and I work as a team and both care about connecting with people, that we are providing something genuine about humanity that our modern tech world lacks. We bring together an art community with individuals who may be experiencing isolation, distraction, and desensitization or over-stimulation in their daily lives. The artists we invite are able to experience inspiration from each other's stories, being present and deeper thinking. Daily life can keep us from ourselves. At Rockland, artists can rediscover or reinvent themselves. Providing this necessary environment is a way of sustaining the arts and even more importantly, artists themselves.”

- Co-founder, Jodi Rockwell